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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I've worked with Dr. Freedman as a nurse taking care of his patients and am also one of his patients. When I needed a urologist I didn't hesitate in calling him based on my experience taking care of his patients. He is a very strong patient advocate and is continuously implementing the newest treatment options for his patients. He has always been accessible, honest and compassionate. When he left the Sonora area, I didn't hesitate to go to Sacramento for his care. He has stood by me when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer this spring. I know that I can count on his prompt response, professional excellence and personal integrity when I need it.
5 Stars

100% I trust him with my life, he is the best doctor in the world. He gives all of his patients the same amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone and the staff in the operating room are amazing and his staff at his office are awesome as well.

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